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What the heck was that?...where did that voice come from?”

Victoria Shaw

Tosha Hill, one of the most promising new artists from the Muscle Shoals area, is unquestionably one of the more unique and untouched original talents that has been growing quietly in the beautiful community of Florence, Alabama. The authenticity in her songwriting stands out from most, as her lyrics deeply come from the heart and consistently resonate with her audience. There are no frills or clever production with Tosha. She shares her stories that reflect and conjure powerful images with a sense of timelessness. 

[All other performances and collaborations include: Randy Owen (Alabama), Lonestar, John Oates, Brenda Lee, Even Stevens, Lynn Langham, Donnie Fritts and The Decoys, Travis Wammack, Spooner Oldham, Christine Olhman (SNL), Donna Jean Godeaux (Grateful Dead), Hannah Aldridge, Mark Narmore, Doug Gill, Byron Hill, John Ford-Coley, Jim Seales (Shenandoah), Cindy Richardson-Walker, James LeBlanc, Angela Hacker, and Bob Reagan.]